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Electric bodies. Episodes in the history of medical electricity, edited by Paola Bertucci and Giuliano Pancaldi, 2001, 298 pp.

The ten essays that form this volume draw a map of the history of medical electricity from early modern times to the mid-twentieth century, offering new interpretations of the changing interactions between electricity and medicine.

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Paola Bertucci and Giuliano Pancaldi: Introduction / Lissa Roberts: Heterogeneous purposes and the protocols of experiment, or how tracing the history of amber can shed light on medical electricity / Paola Bertucci: The electrical body of knowledge: medical electricity and experimental philosophy in the mid-eighteenth century / Oliver Hochadel: "My patient told me how to do it": the practice of medical electricity in the German Enlightenment / Peter Heering: Jean Paul Marat: medical electricity between natural philosophy and revolutionary practice / James Delbourgo: Electrical humanitarianism in North America: Dr T. Gale's Electricity,or ethereal fire, considered (1802) in historical context / Marco Bresadola: Early Galvanism as technique and medical practice / Raffaella Seligardi: What is electricity? Some chemical answers, 1770-1815 / Iwan Rhys Morus: Batteries, bodies and belts: making careers in Victorian medical electricity / Cornelius Borck: Electrifying the brain in the 1920s: electrical technology as a mediator in brain research / Roberta Passione: Electricity and life: Cerletti's electroshock and the "acroagonine" theory / Notes on contributors