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Michelangelo Ferraro

International Centre for the History of Universities and Science (CIS), Department of Philosophy, University of Bologna

Via Zamboni, 38> 40126 Bologna - Italy

1995 - Degree (laurea) in Philosophy, University of Bologna.
2000 - Ph.D. in the History of Science, University of Bari.

Current position:
- Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Department of Philosophy, University of Bologna.
- Editor of the web site of the Centre for the History of Universities and Science.

Main research interests:
History of science and medicine in the 17th and 18th centuries, medical charlatanism, Buonafede Vitali (1686-1745), books of secrets, epistemology of early modern science and medicine, computing for humanities.

Relevant work experience:
2000 - Italian translation of Lorraine Daston and Katharine Park, Wonders and the order of nature: 1150-1750, New York, 1998, 511 pp.
2001 - Director of iSapiens, a humanities computing project.

1998 - Michelangelo Ferraro, “Girolamo Cardano: historia, or the knowledge of particular”, in Universitas, n. 11, maggio 1998, pp. 10-12.
1996 - Michelangelo Ferraro, “Secrets of Nature”, in Intersezioni, a. XVI, n. 3, dicembre 1996, pp. 543-46.