Francesco Algarotti, Il newtonianismo per le dame



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Author: Francesco Algarotti
Full title: Il newtonianismo per le dame ovvero dialoghi sopra la luce e i colori
Place: Napoli
Year: 1737
Digital edition: 2004
Pages: 313
Editor of the digital edition: Massimo Mazzotti
Brief description:
Francesco Algarotti’s Newtonianism for the ladies, or dialogues on light and colours (1737) was an eighteenth-century best seller. It was also one of the main channels through which Newtonian ideas reached the general public in continental Europe. The book offered a description of some of Newton’s experiments on the nature of light and colours in the form of a genteel dialogue between a chevalier (cavaliere) and a marchioness (la marchesa di E***).
The original book is kept in the Biblioteca Comunale dell'Archiginnasio, Bologna .