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of Philosophy and Communication
University of Bologna
via Zamboni, 38
40126 Bologna, Italy
tel. +39.051.2098353
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Elena Tassoni

Elena Tassoni


PhD student in Philosophy, Science, Cognition, and Semiotics (PSCS), University of Bologna (2015-).


Office address:
CIS – Department of Philosophy and Communication
University of Bologna
Via Azzo Gardino 23
40122 Bologna


2014-2015: M. Litt. in Philosophy – Logic and Metaphysics Stream. University of St. Andrews. Dissertation: “The Polarity Account: A Solution to the problem of Negative Truths in the Theory of Truthmaking”. Advisor: Aisling Crean.

2010-2013: B.A. in Philosophy, cum laude. University of Bologna. Dissertation: “Deflazionismo e Normatività della Verità”. Advisors: Giorgio Volpe and Rossella Lupacchini.

Current PhD research

“Difference in Grounds: A unified Perspective on Epistemology, truth Pluralism, and Truthmaking”.


Philosophy of Language; Philosophy of Logic; Metaphysics; Theories of Truth; Epistemology.


Cogito: Research Centre in Philosophy (University of Bologna).

SIFA: Società Italiana di Filosofia Analitica.

Linguistic skills

Italian: Mother tongue; English: C1 (IELTS certificate); French: B2 (DELF certificate); German: A2.

Computer skills

Good use of MS Office, Internet, and e-mail.

Use of the main philosophy databases for bibliographic research: Philosopher's Index; Repertoire Bibliographique de la Philosophie; Année Philologique; Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy; Philpapers, Opac.