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Elisa Bandecchi

Elisa Bandecchi


PhD student, Science, Cognition, and Technology, University of Bologna (2011-).



2009 Master's degree in Physics specializing in Didactic and History of Physics, University of Bologna.
2009 research period at Centre for Science Education, Hallam University, Sheffield (U.K.) with a grant of University of Bologna.
2007 Bachelor's degree in Physics specializing in Physical Technologies, University of Florence.


Science outreach. Resilience. Hydrogeological instability. Popularization of science. Public communication of science and technology. Didactic of physics. Informal education. The interaction between formal and informal education. Interactive activities and workshops for students about physics, geology and astronomy.

Professional experiences

2014\Present: research scholarship at the Earth Sciences Department of University of Florence titled “Science outreach for the improvement of resilience in geological high-risk environment”.
2009\2013: science explainer about Physics and astronomy at Fondazione Scienza e Tecnica museum of Florence, employed by Opera Laboratori Fiorentini S.p.a.
2009\2014: numerous collaborations for the popularization of astronomy with the
Astrophysics Observatory of Arcetri (INAF).
2009\2010: science guide at Istituto e Museo di Storia della Scienza of Florence.
2009: science explainer at Museo del Balì (PU, Italy).
2007: science explainer at OpenLab (University of Florence).

Linguistic competences

Italian, English.

Computer skills

Operating system: Windows, Mac.
Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Power Point, etc.
Graphics program: Adobe Photoshop.