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Giulia Baroni

Giulia Baroni


PhD in Mind, Logic and Language (2008-2011).


Office address:
Communication Disciplines Department
Via A. Gardino, 23
40122 Bologna

Office phone: +39 051 2092218



January 2008 – December 2010: PhD student (Mind Logic and Language, University of Bologna), area: Cognitive Psychology. Tutor: Prof. Roberto Nicoletti and Prof.ssa Anna M. Borghi.

January – December 2010: Visiting student, Department of Psychological Sciences, Purdue University (West Lafayette, Indiana, USA). Supervisor: Prof. Robert W. Proctor.

June 2008: Full scholarship to attend the ESCoP (European Society for Cognitive Psychology) Summer School on “Neuroscience of Attention”, Thessaloniki, 15 – 28 June, 2008.

February – November 2007: Research fellow at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Department of Social, Cognitive and Quantitative Sciences. Tutor: Prof. Sandro Rubichi.

July 2006: Master Degree in Communication Sciences, University of Bologna. Title of the dissertation: “The Simon Effect with Verbal Stimuli”. Subject: Cognitive Psychology. Final Mark: 110/110 cum laude. Supervisors: Prof. Roberto Nicoletti.


Attention: Influence of task irrelevant information on performance.

Language and Action: Embodied cognition approach

Perception and Action: Affordances of the objects.


Proctor, R.W., Miles, J.D., Baroni, G., (in press) Reaction-Time Distribution Analysis of Spatial Correspondence Effects, Psychonomic Bullettin & Review.

Lugli, L, Baroni, G, Gianelli, C., & Borghi, A. (in press) L'importanza degli “altri”: come il contesto relazionaleinfluenza il sistema motorio, Giornale Italiano di Psicologia.

Iani, C, Baroni, G., Pellicano, A., & Nicoletti, R (2010) On the relationship between Affordance and Simon effects: Are the effects really independent?, ournal of Cognitive Psychology.

Iani, C., Ricci, F., Baroni, G. & Rubichi, S (2009). Attention control and susceptibility to hypnosis, Consciousness and Cognition, 18,856–863

Freina, L., Baroni, G., Borghi, A. & Nicoletti, R. (2009). Emotive Concept Nouns and Motor Responses: Attraction or Repulsion?, Memory & Cognition, 37 (4), 493-499.

Pellicano, A., Lugli, L., Baroni, G. & Nicoletti, R. (2009), Simon Effect with Conventional Signals: A Time-Course Analysis, Experimental Psychology, 56 (4), 219-227.

Pellicano, A., Lugli, L, Baroni, G. & Nicoletti, R. (2007). Simon Effect with Central Stimuli: A Time-Course Analysis. In: S. Vosniadou, D. Kayser & A. Protopapas (Eds.). Proceedings of the European Cognitive Science Conference 2007, 700-704. London, UK: Taylor and Francis.

Conferences (selected list)

Baroni, G., Yamaguchi, M. & Proctor, R. “Transfer from a Color-Mapping Task to a Simon Task for Shapes”, Psychonomic annual conference, St. Louis, Missouri, 18-21 November, 2010

Lugli, L., Baroni, G., Gianelli, C., Borghi, A.M. e Nicoletti, R. “Self, others and objects: how they interact and modulate the motor system”, ESCoP 2009, Cracov (Poland), 2 – 5 September, 2009.

Baroni. G., Moretto, G., di Pellegrino, G. e Nicoletti, R. “The spatial arrangement of economic words”, European Workshop on Cognitive Neuropsychology 2009, Bressanone (Italy), 25 – 30 January, 2009.

Baroni, G., Pellicano, A., Lugli, L. e Nicoletti, R. “Il ruolo dei processi di interferenza e facilitazione nel decorso temporale dell’effetto Simon” (Talk), AIP 2009 (National Congress of the Italian Association of Psychology), Chieti, 24 – 26 September 2009.

Baroni, G., Freina, L., Pellicano, A., Borghi A. M., Rumiati, R. e Nicoletti, R. “How do we React to Gain- and Loss-Words? An Experimental Study on Economic Concepts”, Affect and Decision conference, Bari (Italy), 22 – 23 May 2008.

Baroni, G., Iani, C., Pellicano, A. & Nicoletti, R. “Relazione tra effetto Simon ed effetto Affordance” (Poster), AIP 2008, Padova, 18 – 20 September 2008.


Human Performance and Attention Lab, Purdue University, USA.

ROSSI (european project) group

EMCO (Embodied Cognition Lab, University of Bologna) group.

HAPLab (Human Attention and Performance Lab, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia) group.

Linguistic competences

Italian (native), English (fluent).

Computer skills

Office, E-prime, SPSS.


swimming & pilates