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Delia Belleri

Delia Belleri


PhD in Mind, Logic and Language, University of Bologna (2009-2012).




B.Phil. Philosophy, University of Padua, 2005;

M.Phil. Philosophy, University of Padua, 2007;

Visiting Student, University of St. Andrews, 2006-07;

Visiting Ph.D. Student, Universitat de Barcelona (at LOGOS), 2011.



Philosophy of Language (Semantics vs. Pragmatics, Relativism, De Se), Epistemology (Knowledge Attributions, Skepticism and Justification);

Thesis research: The aim of the thesis is to investigate the topic of semantic under-determinacy, i.e. the failure of the semantic content of certain expressions to determine a truth-evaluable utterance content. In the first part of the thesis, I try to re-conceptualise the notion of semantic under-determinacy in terms of under-articulation. In the second part of the thesis, I discussthe topic of how communication is possible, despite the semantic under-determinacy of language. I discuss a number of answers that have been offered: (i) the Radical Contextualist explanation in terms of pragmatic processes; (ii) the explanation in terms of hidden indexical positions; (iii) the account in terms of relative truth. In the final chapter, I propose a new (and complementary) explanation of the connection between semantic content and the comprehension of utterance-content in terms of conceptual constraints.



2010, Review of H. Cappelen and J. Hawthorne: Relativism and Monadic Truth, Oxford University Press, 2009, in Bollettino Nazionale SIFA, Mimesis, (in Italian);

2011, Relative Truth, Lost Disagreement and Invariantism on Predicates of Personal Taste, in Proceedings of the Amsterdam Graduate Philosophy Conference, ILLC Publications, Technical Notes, (X) Series;

(forthcoming), Semantic Underdeterminacy between Content and World, in Proceedings of the CODISCO Graduate Conference, Corisco, Rome (in Italian);

(forthcoming), Review of G. Gutting: What Philosophers Know, Cambridge University Press, in Bollettino Nazionale SIFA, Mimesis (in Italian)


Conference presentations (selected):


Paris, 3rd Colloqium Semantics and Philosophy in Europe (May 28): “Is Semantically Underdetermined Content really Non-Propositional?”;

Padua, 9th SIFA National Conference (September 25): “Making Context Sensitivity Right (For Semantically Underdetermined Expressions)”;

Amsterdam, Amsterdam Graduate Philosophy Conference (October 1): “Relative Truth, Lost Disagreement and Invariantism on Predicates of Personal Taste”;

Bologna, Scepticism and Justification Conference (December 18): Comment to Pascal Engel;


Bologna, Cogito Day 5 (January 26): “What is Semantic Underdeterminacy?”;

London, BPPA Masterclass (April 2); “What is Semantic Underdeterminacy?”;

Bologna, Relativism and Disagreement Workshop (May 20): “Relative Truth, Lost Disagreement and Invariantism on Predicates of Personal Taste”;

Cerisy-la-Salle (France), Conference on Meaning, Context and Implicit Content (June 6): “Semantic Under-determinacy”;

Milan, 7th ECAP Congress (September 5): “What is Semantic Under-determinacy?”

Berlin, Humboldt Universität Berlin (October 14), Theoretical Pragmatics Conference (TPRAG): “How Free is Free Enrichment?”;

Upcoming Talks

Lisbon, Latin Meeting in Analytic Philosophy (2-4 November): “De Se Attitudes and Indexed Centers”;

Donostia (Spain), ILCLI SPR11 – International Workshop on Semantics, Pragmatics, and Rhetoric (November 9-11): “What is Semantic Under-determinacy?”


Linguistic competences

Fluent in English and Spanish.