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Carmine Emanuele Cella


PhD in Mind, Logic and Language, University of Bologna, (2008-2011).


Office address:
CIS – Department of Philosophy and Communication
University of Bologna
Via Zamboni 38
40126 Bologna



2007: Master of Arts (10/10) in Composition (with Azio Corghi), Accademia “S. Cecilia” – Rome, Italy.

2004: Laurea cum laude in Philosophy (Logic), University of Urbino, Italy. Dissertation topic: On the logical structure of music.

2003: Graduation in Composition, Conservatory of Music – Pesaro, Italy.

2001: Diploma (10/10) in Computer Music, Conservatory of Music – Pesaro, Italy.

1998: Diploma in Piano, Conservatory of Music – Pesaro, Italy.


PhD student in logic on symbolic representation of audio signals. Other interests: Logical structure of music, Pitch detection, Vocal synthesis, Physical modelling, Audio indexing/classification.


Sound-types: a new framework for symbolic sound analysis and synthesis, ICMC 2011, HUddersfield, UK.

Harmonic Components Extraction in Recorded Piano Tone, 128th AES conference London, United Kingdom, 2010.

Nuovi approcci alla struttura armonica: caleidocicli e mosaici tricordali, in Luigi Verdi, “Caleidocicli musicali” - 2nd edition, 2010 Milano, Rugginenti.

Towards a Symbolic Approach to Sound Analysis, Second international conference on Mathematics and computation for music, Yale University, New Haven, CT, 2009.

Using the SDIF Sound Description Interchange Format for Audio Features (with J.J. Burred, G. Peeters, A. Röbel and D. Schwarz), Proc. International Conference on Music Information Retrieval (ISMIR), Philadelphia, USA, September 2008.

Review of “Caleidocicli musicali” by Luigi Verdi, Musica theorica Spectrum, Fall 2006, Ed. Curci Milano (Italy).

Il compositore cieco, Rivista umbra di musicologia, n. 50 – 2006/1, pagg. 17 – 27 Perugia (Italy).

Il semplice sistema, Rivista umbra di musicologia, n. 49 – 2005/2, pagg. 43 – 51 Perugia (Italy).

Sulla struttura logica della musica (On the logical structure of music), Rivista umbra di musicologia, n. 48 – 2005/1, pagg. 3 – 57, Perugia (Italy) - Presented at IRCAM for MaMux in Jan. 2006

Sintesi per stati e visualizzazione del processo compositivo (written with F. Paolinelli), La Terra Fertile, Proceedings, 2000, pagg. 87 – 89 L’Aquila (Italy).

Visiting Periods

Oct – Dec 2009: visiting student, IRCAM - Paris. Supervisor: Prof. Moreno Andreatta.

Jul – Sep 2010: visiting student, McGill University – Montreal. Supervisor: Prof. Ichiro Fujinaga.

Linguistic competences

Italian: native speaker

English: very good speaking/reading capabilities

French: good speaking/reading capabilities

Short summary of musical activities

Carmine Emanuele Cella won the Rossini composition competition (1998) and special mentions at the Ibla Grand Prize (2005) and at the Egidio Carella composition competition (2006); he also has been semifinalist at the Queen Elisabeth composition competition (2006) and finalist at the George Enescu composition competition (2007).

In 2008 he has been awarded from the important Goffredo Petrassi national prize for composers, assigned by the Italian Republic.

He has also experienced on theatrical works: in 1996 composed and conducted the music for a play presented at the National Festival of Dramatic Art for which he received critical acclaim. Between 1996 and 1999 he toured with the actor Marco Messeri. In 1999 he composed a chamber opera that was commissioned by the Teatro Bonci in Cesena (Italy). In 2001 he wrote the music for a ballet on Futurism using only computer music; sine 2004 he collaborates with many italian directors writing soundtracks and sound effects for short movies and clips.

In January 2006, he lectured at MaMux (IRCAM, Paris) presenting his work on logical structure of music: since then he collaborates with Moreno Andreatta (Equipe Représentations Musicales) on algebraic methods of composition aided by computers, by developing a software for trichordal mosaic calculations. He has been working at IRCAM in the Equipe Analyse/Synthese doing research and development in audio indexing until september 2008.

Since 2000 he has been repetiteur at the major lyrical institutions: the Rossini Opera Festival (Italy), the Wexford Festival Opera (Ireland), the Teatro Comunale of Bologna (Italy), the Teatro Rossini of Lugo (Italy). He played in recital with the famous soprano Mariella Devia and had some collaborations with Luciano Pavarotti.

Carmine Emanuele Cella, moreover, plays jazz with his quartet, collaborating with many important italian musicians (Massimo Manzi, Simone Zanchini, etc.).