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of Philosophy
University of Bologna
via Zamboni, 38
40126 Bologna, Italy
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Daniela Crocetti

Daniela Crocetti


PhD in Science, Technology, and Humanities, University of Bologna, (2008-2011).


Office address: CIS – Department of Philosophy and Communication
University of Bologna
Via Zamboni 38
40126 Bologna

Home address:
Via Frassinago 8, 40123 Bologna, Italy
Mobile phone: 349 6720834



Fall 2009: Visiting Scholar, STS Center, University of California Berkeley

Fall 2008: Visiting Scholar, Egenis Center for Genomics in Society, Exeter University

March 2007: Laurea Magistrale, Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology, focus on medical anthropology , University of Bologna.

March 1998: B.A. in Linguistics, The Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA, USA.


History of the Biology: anatomy, hormones, genetics, development, neurology, the gendered body.
History of Medicine: technological shifts, the normal and pathological, diagnosis, morality and health, social definition of the normal body, embryology, gynecology, psychology, surgery, gender identity, DSD (Disorders of Sex Development)/Intersex treatment.
Medical Anthropology: descriptive models, subjectivity, social relevance of disease category.
Bioethics: children and juridic autonomy, informed consent/ full disclosure, ideals of form and function, disability politics, pre-natal testing, bio-sociality.
In the specific arena of DSD /Intersexuality: medical practice and social definition; technological shifts in the definition of the normal and pathological gendered body, from hormones and genetics to gender identity and gendered behavior; corresponding juridic, social and ethical paradigms.

Professional experience

2005-Present: Translation of medical texts and artistic works (Bologna).

2004-2006: Technical assistant/Projectionist (Cineteca di Bologna).

1998-2002: Technical assistant/Projectionist (Guild theater, Portland Art Museum,Portland, OR, USA).


Italian Projectionist license 20/01/2004

Linguistic competences

Mother tongue English, translation of literature, artistic works, and medical texts.


Minor motorcycle repair. Collaboration with Dance-ability, choreographer Anna Albertarelli.