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University of Bologna
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Andrea Marino

Andrea Marino


PhD in Mind, Logic and Language (2008-2011).


Office address:
Communication Disciplines Department
Via A. Gardino, 23
40122 Bologna


Master Degree in Semiotics, Università di Bologna, 2008. 


Areas of interest: Philosophy of Language, Semantics, Pragmatics, Metaphysics.

Thesis research: I am mainly interested in the theory of reference, in its various forms. What characterizes referential expressions? What features (if any) do proper names, indexicals, definite and indefinite descriptions share? Is the theory of reference relevant also for natural kinds? And for what else? These are some of the questions I find intriguing.
My present research starts from considerations about referential uses of definite descriptions and, in particular, referential misdescriptions. A misdescription is a description that does not fit its intended referent; then, if it refers to something, in virtue of what it does? I’m investigating the role of the predicate in referential uses of this kind.


“Reference and Misdescriptions” forthcoming in Esercizi Filosofici

Conferences (selected list)

(2010) Reference and Interpretation, 17th SFL National Conference, Università di Trieste.

(2010) Reference and Interpretation,9th SIFA National Conference, Università di Padova.


Human Performance and Attention Lab, Purdue University, USA.

ROSSI (european project) group

EMCO (Embodied Cognition Lab, University of Bologna) group.

HAPLab (Human Attention and Performance Lab, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia) group.

Professional experience

January 11 – June 11: Visiting student at UCLA, University of California, Los Angeles.

Linguistic competences

Italian native speaker, fluent in English, proficient in French. Also, I have some basic knowledge of Latin and Greek