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of Philosophy
University of Bologna
via Zamboni, 38
40126 Bologna, Italy
tel. +39.051.2098353
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Eugenio Orlandelli

Eugenio Orlandelli


PhD in Science, Cognition and Technology, University of Bologna (2010-2014).


Office address:
CIS – Department of Philosophy and Communication
University of Bologna
Via Zamboni 38
40126 Bologna


Master Degree in Philosophy, University of Bologna, 2010.


Research: Logic, philosophy of logic, philosophy of language, epistemology, semantics.

Thesis research: In my PhD project I try to present a first-order epistemic logic based on a so-called “indexed modal language” that avoids some of the expressive limitations of standard modal languages. By means of this language I will try to develop a formal system that is able to express, among other things, the difference between knowing that and knowing who, and I will try to develop a first-order logic for common knowledge.


Corsi G., Orlandelli E. (2013) 'Free Quantified Epistemic Logics', Studia Logica,
101(6): 1159-1184.

Conference presentations:

(2009) Necessarily Borderline Sentences, 5th Navarra Workshop on Vagueness, University of Navarra.

(2009) Liberalizing moderatism (with F.Ferrari), 2nd SIFA Graduate Conference, University of Bologna.

(2010) Modearate Neo-Mooreanism (with F.Ferrari), Justification Revisited Conference, University of Geneva.

(2010) Modearate Neo-Mooreanism (with F.Ferrari), 9thSIFA National Conference, University of Padua.

Linguistic competences

Fluent in English