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University of Bologna
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Stefania Varano

Stefania Varano


PhD in Science, Cognition, and Technology, University of Bologna (2010-2016).


Office address:
CIS – Department of Philosophy and Communication
University of Bologna
Via Zamboni 38
40126 Bologna


November 2005: Master in Science Communication – ISAS (International School for Advanced Studies), Trieste, Italy.

Dissertation title: “The “Centre” of Radio Astronomy. Building a brand new visitor centre to radio telescopes.

May 2005 Postgraduate school of Teacher Training (SISS). University of Bologna, Italy.

Dissertation title: “Triangles and triangulation in reality”.

December 2001 “Laurea” (Undergraduate Degree) in Astrophysics, University of Bologna, Italy

Dissertation title: “Particle Acceleration in Hot Spots of extragalactic radio sources”


Education and outreach in astronomy, astrophysics and science in general. Creating interactive activities for young (in scholar and pre-scholar age) children. Talking to people. Studying new ways of communication of the research and study about remote sensing and invisible information.

Professional experience

Public Outreach and Education Officer of the Institute of Radio Astronomy of the Italian Natinal Institute for Astrophysics (INAF-IRA), Bologna (2005-present).

Author and editor consultant for and the publisher Giunti, Firenze (2010) and Zanichelli, Bologna (2003-present).

Author of the original English script and Italian translation for the DVD “Hubble: 15 years of a discovery”, published by the European Space Agency ESA, 2005.

Teaching experience in Secondary Schools (2005-present).

Author of articles about scientific issues for general press (2008-present).

Invited speaker in International workshops aboutCommunication of Atronomy (2005-present).

Coordinator of the European work group for Outreach and Education in Radio Astronomy (2010).

Linguistic competences

Good knowledge of oral and written English. FIRST Certificate of the British Council. Grade A.


Passionate music listener (mainly rock music) and movies watcher (any kind, mostly old movies). Meeting people. Cooking & eating good food. Learning about historical figures and looking for some of their personal anecdotes.