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Raffaella Campaner

Raffaella Campaner

Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna


Office address:
Via Zamboni 38, 40126 Bologna, Italy


Raffaella Campaner is a Lecturer in Philosophy of Science at the Department of Philosophy, University of Bologna. She took a Master Degree in Philosophy (M. Litt.) at the University of St. Andrews (Scotland) in 1998 and a PhD in Philosophy at the University of Trieste in 2000. Her research has been mainly focusing on the notions of scientific explanation and causation. With regard to the former, she especially took into exam models of explanations in the human and social sciences (more specifically, in history, economics, archaeology, psychology and anthropology) as elaborated in the last twenty years, devoting a special attention to the changing attitudes towards lawlike, causal, unificationist, functional and pragmatic elements. With regard to the latter, she has been working on mechanistic and process theories of causation and, more recently, on, on the one hand, manipulative, interventionist and agent-related, perspectives and, on the other, counterfactual approaches. The overall guiding-line of her research on causation has been the search of intersections and complementarities between different and apparently diverging views.

The main line of her most recent research has been within philosophy of medicine. Her work on causation and explanation in philosophy of medicine has been aiming at putting forward a pluralistic perspective on the notion of cause based on the analysis of some epistemological aspects of medicine as a scientific field, and of some specific clinical and therapeutic cases (viruses and infective diseases; tumours; HIV, …).

A minor line of research has focused on backward causation (mostly studied in relation to various manipulative accounts of causation) and on the arrow of time (more specifically, on the debate between tensed and tenseless views of time).

She has published Spiegazioni e cause in medicina: un’indagine epistemologica (2005) and edited two readings: La spiegazione nelle scienze umane (2004) and La causalità tra filosofia e scienza (2007).