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PSCS Doctoral Programme

Philosophy and Science studies

It is well-known that ca. 1830 the domain of philosophy and the domain of science began parting ways. Before that date, philosophy included also the kind of natural philosophy that we would now call science, and philosophers had often a training allowing them to excel in the sciences. After that date, science and scientists grew increasingly autonomous, and began establishing new specialties, new languages, and robust ties with technology in ways that have estranged many subsequent generations of philosophers up to this day. While acknowledging the substantial autonomy of philosophy and science in present-day research and educational institutions, the curriculum in Philosophy and Science Studies will provide a training allowing doctoral students to explore both the conflicts and the persistent links characterizing the relationships between philosophy and science. The curriculum will include fields like analytic and continental traditions in philosophy, the history and philosophy of science, logic and the philosophy of language, science and technology studies.


Annarita Angelini
Renaissance thought / Quadrivium humanism / History of ideas in the modern age

Marco Beretta
Material and visual history of science / Historiography of science /
History of chemistry

Stefano Besoli
Phenomenology and the phenomenological movement / Existentialism / Phenomenological psychology

Raffaella Campaner
Causation / Scientific explanation / Philosophy of medicine

Giovanna Corsi
Semantics and proof theory of non-classical logics / Quantified modal logics in particular

Maria Carla Galavotti
Philosophy of science / Foundations of probability / Explanation and causality

Carlo Gentili
Aesthetics / Hermeneutics / German philosophy

Anna Guagnini
Technological innovation (19th-20th centuries) / History of scientific and technological institutions (19th-20th centuries)

Manlio Iofrida
French phenomenology / Frankfurt School / Ecology

Maurizio Matteuzzi
Mind-body problem / Artificial Intelligence / Computer science

Raffaele Milani
Aesthetics / Landscape / City

Sebastiano Moruzzi
Philosophy of language and of logic / Metaphysics / Epistemology

Giuliano Pancaldi

History of science / Science and Technology Studies

Eva Picardi

Philosophy of language / History of analytic philosophy / Philosophical logic

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