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PSCS Doctoral Programme



The educational goals of the curriculum in semiotics are to develop theoretical and practical competencies in semiotics both from a theoretical-philosophical perspective, and in terms of their practical-methodological application. In particular, from a theoretical perspective, we shall examine relevant themes related to the development of philosophical and linguistic theories of signs and semiosis, key elements in the history of semiotics, as well as comparisons between different sign systems: linguistic, visual, multimodal, etc. On the application plane, necessary methodological tools will be provided to carry out in depth analyses of different types of textual objects: verbal, visual, behavioral , musical , audiovisual , etc. To this end the principal theoretical and methodological currents characterising the semiotic tradition, from structuralism to interpretational semiotics, will be examined in depth.



Giovanna Cosenza
Digital media/ Political communication/ Semiotics of advertising and consumption

Cristina Demaria
Gender studies/ Visual communication/ Post-conflict and trauma studies

Franco Farinelli
Space / Geography / Cartography

Paolo Leonardi

Anna Maria Lorusso

Semiotic theory/ Rhetoric/ Semiotics of culture

Costantino Marmo

Claudio Paolucci

Semiotic theory/ Pragmatism/ Interpretation and cognitive sciences

Maria Pia Pozzato
Semiotics /Text Analysis / Sociosemiotics

Marco Santoro

Maria Patrizia Violi

Semiotic theory/ Memory and trauma theories/ Museum studies

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