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PSCS Doctoral Programme

Cognitive science


The main research topics of the curriculum on Cognitive science are: Attention Objects and action, affordances Rle of the body in cognition, sense of body Language grounding in the perception, action and emotion systems Emotions and sensorimotor system Numerical cognitiom and its relationship with embodied cognition Social cognitiom Students are required to learn to perform experiments in the lab - they will have to learn to plan them, to execute them and to analyze the data. They will be required to learn to realize classical behavioral experiments, in which reaction times and errors are recorded. In addition, they will be invited to learn to use at least one of the three instruments that we possess - eye tracking, motion tracking or TMS. In order to discuss with students the experiments they are conducting, from their planning to the data analysis, we will organize a lab meeting to be held every month. Students and professors will discuss together research projects, and students will have the opportunity to learn how to present a study. We will also organize periodical meetings to discuss some scientific papers. Students will be invited to present to the others an overview of the main topics and open issues in their area. Compared to other doctoral curricula in cognitive science, our curriculum is characterized by a higher attention paid to psychology (especially cognitive psychology and communication psychology).



Anna Maria Borghi
Embodied and grounded cognition / Relationship between objects, words and sensorimotor system / Social cognition

Renata Galatolo
Discursive psychology/ Conversation analysis/ Institutional and professional communication/ Multimodality

Roberto Nicoletti
Cognitive psychology/ Ergonomics/ Attention/ Motor control

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